Aime and Shannon’s Stories

Aime and Shannon took similar painful paths and found their way out of darkness through the Lighthouse Rescue Mission…

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Christina’s Testimony

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Jana’s Story

Unlike others with life stories like mine, I had a carefree, amazingly wonderful childhood. Both my parents loved me unconditionally, and did nothing to turn me toward the wrong path. I took that path because I held an incorrect knowledge about Jesus and His Gospel…

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Sherry’s Story

After eight years in an abusive relationship, I finally got out to find my own way. I found drugs and spent three years in addiction. I ended up in jail. After several months, I was sentenced to drug court and to the Lighthouse…

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Jennifer’s Story

I came to The Lighthouse the day after my two sons and I slept under a bridge. We had nowhere to go, and I felt hopeless thinking all was lost. The Lighthouse really changed my life during the year we stayed there and made me the woman I am today. It has made me a […]

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Katie’s Story

My top 5 things that I’m most thankful for:
1. The people at Lighthouse care for me and love me.
2. I have a bed to sleep in.
3. They feed me.
4. They play with me.
5. They take me places.
– Katie, Age 8

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T.M.’s Story

The Lighthouse has been a blessing to my family by providing shelter when we had none, work experience to add to my resume and spiritual guidance when I need it the most. My time here was a unique opportunity to step away from “the world” and focus on my family. As a result, I am […]

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