Greetings from The Lighthouse Rescue Mission!

As the Resident Supervisor for The Lighthouse, my job can be very challenging at times. But – then the unexpected happens just when I think my efforts are for naught! I would like to share a recent praise with you.

We have the sweetest 9 year old boy living us. Let’s call him Jeremiah. He recently came up to me and said, “Ms. Rachel, God never speaks to me.” I responded, “Of course He does! You just need to stop focusing on everything that is going on around you and allow your focus to be on Him.”

I further explained, “Listen to the still small voice inside you, and I gave him a few examples. He seemed satisfied and went on his way. The next day he told me he had a bad dream. I asked him if wanted to share it with me. He said an old man, his mother, sister and him were near a big pond filled with alligators. The old man walked past the pond safely, but when his mother and sister walked toward the pond he heard a voice inside him say “Don’t go that way. It’s dangerous. He didn’t say anything to his Mom in the dream, and she walked towards the pond and fell in. He had this big tear running down his precious face, and he asked me if that was the voice of God he heard? I told him that it was a bad dream but a perfect example of how God speaks to us. How very important it is that we listen and obey that voice!

I asked him if he had ever asked Jesus to come and live in his heart. He said that he had not but wanted to. We privately went into our storage room. I got down on my knees to be level with his face. I first prayed over him, and he repeated the sinners prayer after me. I explained that he was now a child of God, but that wouldn’t make him perfect. Whenever he made a future mistake he could always ask Jesus for forgiveness. Now he is reading his bible daily and asking many questions

It is in these moments that my spirit is refreshed and am able to feel His joy in my every day.

God bless,
Rachel Lacy
Resident Supervisor